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About Leasing

Vehicle Leasing and Contract Hire have long been a favorite way to buy a New car or Van with businesses over the years.In today's market especially where cars costs more and (depreciate) faster ,it is a sensible and cost effective way to drive a New car or Van.Business Leasing and Contract Hire makes sense for any company or small business who manage fleet of cars.They can budget smartly by reducing their depreciation and running costs while keeping a fresh and better image for their business.And now the private individual can take advantage of this way to drive a New car or Van.The private individual gets the same advantages as businesses with the exception of reclaimable vat.You don't have the worry of selling your car trading in or (depreciation) at the end of the contract and you get the same discounts available which usually means a much cheaper vehicle.We also deliver straight to your door.(see Finance Options ) or why not contact us now and find out more about the best way for you to drive a new car.